Appaloosa Horse Club of Nova Scotia


"The ApHCNS is a recognized equestrian organization providing awareness of the breed and providing educational and recreational activities for club members. The members are recognized for participation, effort, accomplishments and to encourage Appaloosa ownership."

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of residents of the province of Nova Scotia who are members in good standing with both the Appaloosa Horse Club of Canada (APHCC) and the Appaloosa Horse Club of Nova Scotia (ApHCNS). The ApHCC National Director(s) that represents Nova Scotia will also be valued members of the board. The National Director(s) will not hold the privilege of a vote, but may hold an office. The ApHCC Director(s) will support the Board in the capacity of an advisor and resource.

Members of the Board will agree to sit and actively participate for terms outlined:

  • President: 2 years
  • Vice President: 2 years
  • Secretary: 2 Years
  • Treasurer: 2 years
  • Directors at large: 2 years

Members of the Board will strive to emulate the Mission Statement of the Appaloosa Horse Club of Nova Scotia. They will in no manner encourage or participate in practices that would result in personal gain, bias, inequality, embarrassment or impeachment of this Board or any members.

2012 Board

President and Treasurer, Bill Milligan

Director, Ron Groundwater

Vice President, Dr. Jim Rafferty

Director, Jane Abbott

Secretary, Loretta Buchanan

Show Secretary, Pam Abbott

Code of Ethics

We, as members of the Appaloosa Horse Club of Nova Scotia, a regional club of the Appaloosa Horse Club of Canada, do undertake to abide by and actively support the following codes of conduct: 

ApHCNS Code of Ethics

Rules and Regulations

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